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WITH well over 35 years experience Combined Achievement International, LLC, has built a reputation as an innovative, forward thinking construction, construction management, engineering and safety group incorporating the latest in building technology and materials. CAI prides itself on building more intelligently while never losing site of the environment and its impact upon it. Our vision has and will always be to build in a most eco friendly manner to help reduce our carbon footprint on this earth by utilizing over 35% recyclable materials whenever possible.

Combined Achievement International, LLC is committed to delivering the highest quality in design, engineering and construction while offering the best solutions regardless the size of your project. We choose to inspire and be inspired through open communication with our client at every level. Our goal is to build trust and confidence by operating at the highest level of integrity. In fact that is the cornerstone of everything CAI does…creating a lasting and positive impact on the companies we deal with and the communities where they operate by offering personalized service to ensure a smooth and efficient project 24/7. NOW that’s good business sense!

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